Misc 19 May 2016

Test with Diarmaid

Misc 13 April 2016

Nordbygg exibition

HVAC 22 March 2016

Our SS2U series of ultrasonic energy meters are now available in 9 new models

HVAC 21 March 2016

New Regio Midi

HVAC 21 March 2016

Make maximum use of daylight

System 22 March 2016

We now launch EXOclever, a brand new series of freely programmable controllers featuring a revolutionary design

HVAC 21 March 2016

The CTRT2 and HTRT10 transmitters will be phased out and replaced by CTRT2A and HTRT10A

HVAC 22 March 2016

New weather protection for our HTWT10 humidity and temperature transmitters

HVAC 21 March 2016

Differential pressure switch for air and neutral gases

Misc 22 February 2016

An award for those who make a difference

Misc 04 February 2016

Welcome to Regin Ireland!

HVAC 08 December 2015

Our series of independent control valves has been extended

System 08 December 2015

EXOdos – the new generation of heating control

HVAC 08 December 2015

Presigo – new pressure transmitter boasts high performance and reliability in a compact casing

HVAC 08 December 2015

New Exigo model with M-Bus communication

HVAC 08 December 2015

New series of leakage-free flanged valves with DIN-dimensions

HVAC 14 September 2015

Panel PCs suiting the needs of both today and tomorrow

HVAC 14 September 2015

Regio Maxi 1.4 handles EC fan and electric heaters

We now launch the new Regio Maxi 1.4, containing new functions providing you with the option to control an EC fan and support heating from an electric heater.

HVAC 08 July 2015

New communicating transmitters

Misc 30 June 2015

Have a nice summer!

Now it's vacation time in Sweden, but we are still available for you
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